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AVERIO combines a Cloud Collaboration platform with seamlessly integrated Workflow Consulting. Find out how we can help you to drive innovation, growth and reliability.

Just 3 Days
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Day 1: Workflow Consulting Call (30-60 min)

Together we review your current workflow and identify the optimal desired outcome.

Day 2: Our Gears Start Turning For You

We design your workflow and configure the AVERIO cloud collaboration platform for you.

Day 3: Workflow Delivery Call (30-60 min)

Experience your digital workflow in an interactive live demo. We discuss possible adjustments and help you find the best way start using your workflow.

Crush Complexity
Unleash Productivity!

Start to use your custom workflow in just 3 days! Most workflow adjustments are completed within the same business day. This rapid pace enables continuous agile optimization of your workflows. With one-click consulting, you can quickly get in touch with our workflow consultants right from within the AVERIO Workflow Cloud.
Task Dashboard

See your most relevant tasks at one glance with Task Spotlight. You will be actively reminded if a task enters a critical state. This includes all tasks you have delegated, so you don’t have to manually keep track of these.

ToDos are individually prioritized in real-time. We use advanced algorithms and machine learning to suggest an optimal order of Tasks for each User.

The Task Compass shows a live overview of your team’s workload. Ask our workflow consultants for custom KPIs and reports.

Task Timeline

Get more done — and see what got done. The Task Timeline displays the history of each task. This preserves your valuable knowledge of previous decisions even in case of team changes.

All currently necessary actions are clearly shown. The relevant data is extracted for each step — for better decisions on the spot without having to fish for information in an ocean of spreadsheets and documents.

Use the Topic Chat linked to each Task to collaborate, exchange ideas and to keep track of past discussions. You can mention users and even add custom ToDos.