Accelerating Digital Transformation

Turning Imaginable Into Doable ... ... And Doable Into Done  

Passion Meets Experience

We create Software Solutions that work!

With our strong passion for Digital Technology and more than 12 years of experience, we turn your IT Projects from imaginable to doable - and from doable to done.

Managing Complexity
Delivering Reliability

We help you to design and implement digital solutions tailored to your requirements.
Our portfolio of digital transformation projects includes

GE, Johnson Controls, Groupon, BMW, Audi, Bosch

and many more.
IT Consulting

Software Architecture
We design scalable, reliable and innovative software solutions with focus on the entire application lifecycle.

API Design & Software Integration
With proven API design strategies, we integrate software seamlessly into ecosystems to meet API objectives.

IT Project Management & Success
Leveraging our extensive cross-industry experience, we manage complex IT projects to reach time, quality and budget goals.

Custom Software Solutions

Web & Mobile Applications
Excite your customers and drive growth with rapidly developed and innovative custom Web & Mobile Apps.

Workflow Engine & Design
We enable easy process transformation and change management with a unique Workflow-First development approach.

DevOps & Cloud
With many years of Cloud DevOps experience, we design, scale and maintain Kubernetes Clusters and Cloud Deployments.

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