Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Permanent Condition Monitoring with AVERIO Connect

Condition Monitoring System

Always have your machines and plants in sight

With the Condition Monitoring System from AVERIO Connect you can permanently record and monitor the condition of your machines, plants and production facilities in real time.

For this purpose, intelligent sensors record all operationally relevant measured variables such as temperature, humidity, filling level, speed, energy consumption, oscillation and vibration and send them to the AVERIO Cloud via the Internet.

You can then access your personalized dashboard at any time via web browser, smartphone or tablet. This way you always have the current and historical measurement data of all your machines, plants and components in view.

Everything from a single source

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Condition-based maintenance based on condition monitoring

Maximize the life, efficiency and safety of your machines

Instead of reacting reactively (too late) or too early to malfunctions, the permanent acquisition and analysis of sensor data enables you to maintain your machines on a condition-based basis.

To do this, you first define target and limit values relevant to your production and enter them into the system via the intuitive user interface. As soon as there is a deviation between the actual and the defined target status, the system automatically notifies you.

This allows you to better coordinate your machine maintenance and optimally adapt it to your production processes. In addition, you can react directly in an emergency and take the necessary safety precautions to protect your employees and machines.

Furthermore, the data collected can be used to reconstruct damage sequences. In this way, the causes of faults can be identified quickly and precisely from the comfort of your desk, and the faults can be eliminated in a targeted manner.

In addition to maintenance costs, you also save raw materials and energy and increase the efficiency of your machines and systems.

Advantages of permanent condition monitoring

Energy efficiency and environmental protection
by analysis and optimization of energy consumption
Transparent production
through permanent condition monitoring in real time
Greater safety for employees and machines
by early detection of damage and avoidance of consequential damage
Minimization of downtime, reaction times and maintenance costs
through better predictable maintenance based on the actual machine load in operation

Functions of the Condition Monitoring System at a glance

  • Permanent and continuous condition monitoring of machines and plants in real time
  • Overview and management of all machines, plants, sensors and other systems to be monitored
  • Personalized dashboard with customizable widgets
  • Configurable visual display of measured values and machine messages
  • Creation and management of plant hierarchies (device, production hall, plant etc.)
  • Alarm generation and transmission in case of deviations from the target status

Examples of use

Monitoring the oil quality in hydraulic machines
Hydraulic machines such as presses, extruders or injection moulding machines require regular oil changes. Manufacturers recommend that this be done annually. By using a condition monitoring system, the interval can be increased to up to two years, depending on the load on the machine. This cuts maintenance costs in half and the condition monitoring investment pays for itself within a very short time.
Energy efficiency of production plants
In the run-up to a system failure, mechanical vibrations occur which lead to an increased energy demand. Condition monitoring can be used to detect these vibration inputs at an early stage. In this way, the affected machine components can be replaced and the energy requirement of the manufacturing system reduced. This increases the efficiency of the machines, as no more energy is unnecessarily consumed.
Condition monitoring of machines that are difficult to access
Condition monitoring systems enable the monitoring of machines and plants that are otherwise difficult or hazardous to access, such as large containers susceptible to corrosion, which are used in explosion-protected areas of chemical plants or refineries, underground tanks or plants of oil and gas companies at remote offshore and deep-water locations.
Asset Tracking with the help of Condition Monitoring
Condition monitoring enables the rapid localization of mobile work equipment such as vehicles, airplanes, trains or tools and their efficient allocation and coordination.

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