Individual app development

Individual App Development with AVERIO

Individual apps from AVERIO convince with their future-proof architecture, flexibility and reliability.

With our many years of experience in the development of app projects (e.g. for companies like BMW, Bosch and Telefonica) our specialists design and implement your individual app with a holistic development approach.

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Individual Apps from AVERIO

productivity Enable better collaboration and communication
to increase productivity.
Enjoy a high level of user acceptance
through their outstanding usability.
Are reliable
due to redundant cloud with Kubernetes.
Offer high security of your data
thanks to hosting on German servers from German providers and SSL encryption.
Are flexible and future-proof,
as functions can be changed and added at any time.

The AVERIO App Platform

The AVERIO app platform enables the development of individual apps even with an extensive feature set while keeping project complexity low.

Native Cross Platform

A code base for Web & Mobile with a fully native user interface for iOS and Android – providing an intuitive user experience without increasing project complexity.

Guaranteed Updateability

We are continuously developing the AVERIO app platform further. You will automatically benefit from the improvements and new features without additional effort and costs. At the same time, we guarantee the updateability of your app.

Workflows & Topic Chat

These special functions offer completely new possibilities to solve even complex processes in an outstandingly simple, sustainable and flexible way.

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From the Idea to the finished solution with AVERIO

AVERIO supports you as a service provider to realize your apps in the shortest possible time.

As a long-term partner we expand your own range of services.
Our goal is to shape the future of your digitalization together with you.

In the Beginning is the Idea

In order to understand your app idea from the ground up, we will clarify and concretize your ideas in a workshop. Subsequently, we work out the requirements, functions and use cases of your app together. In the process, we will record and structure all your ideas and objectives and prioritize them together with you.


Based on the results of the workshop we create a concept and, if required, an app prototype. In this way, the practical suitability of the solutions can be validated clearly with little effort.


We realize your app classic or agile according to the latest state of the art and put special emphasis on performance, reliability and usability. At regular intervals we present our results in the form of test ready builds via convenient installation links.

Go Live & Operation

We take care of the provision of your app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Of course we also take care of the integration of your app into existing software environments, take care of its smooth operation, provide regular security updates and offer you personal support.

Agile Development

As business processes change and evolve over time, so do the requirements for your app. Thanks to our flexibly updatable platform architecture, we can develop your app agilely at any time and adapt all functions to your needs.

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Make more of your App

Enterprise Ready

Individual apps from AVERIO are suitable for even the most demanding enterprise applications. Contact us to learn more about our enterprise features.

Data Synchronization

Your data is automatically synchronized between your app and the AVERIO cloud so that your app reacts smoothly even if the network is poor or offline.

Hot Updates

Updates that affect changes in business logic can be deployed immediately without the App Store or Play Store and do not require manual updates by the users.

Integrated Error Reporting

If something doesn’t work as it should, our integrated error reporting automatically informs us immediately and we can offer you the best possible support immediately.

Continuous Development

We continuously develop the AVERIO App-Platform. We regularly release new features and improvements that are available to you at no additional cost.


Write operations of AVERIO Apps are completely transactional and automatically revised. Thus your data is always consistent and traceable.

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