IoT apps

IoT apps for your products

Apps for controlling connected devices offer a wide range of options for optimizing, renewing or transforming your existing business model.


We develop the appropriate native iOS and Android app for your IoT project in your individual design based on our unique IoT platform. Since we can make use of our digital toolbox with a wide range of ready-made elements and interfaces, we can quickly and efficiently create your app.

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Control your IoT devices locally via Bluetooth, WiFi or remotely via the mobile network.


Monitor incoming sensor data and receive event-based push notifications, for example when limit values are exceeded.


Integrate the service chat into your IoT app and be even closer to your customers.


We are constantly working on the further development and improvement of our platform. In doing so, we guarantee that your apps can be updated without having to adapt them to changes in the platform.

Application examples

Intelligent lighting solutions

Wireless configuration and control of lamps and lighting, for a better monitoring of the surroundings and for an efficient energy management.

Connected HVAC products

Monitoring and regulation of the interior climate on the basis of real-time data for heating, air conditioning and humidifiers, with the possibility of remote control.

Intelligent home appliances

Integration of home appliances in smart home solutions and control via voice assistants, WiFi, Bluetooth and the mobile network.

Smart building automation

Monitoring and controlling of doors, windows and elevators in building systems via an app.

Smart pool technology

Remote control and maintenance for swimming pools and pool facilities via smartphone, tablet and the web. Continuous monitoring of the water quality and compliance with the prescribed hygiene standards.

Integration of Field Services

Integration of services into the product app. Error messages from customers are converted into tickets and forwarded to customer service if required. This means that the service team has direct access to all the data required to process the request.

Condition Monitoring

Seamless condition monitoring of machinery and equipment in real time and push notifications in the event of malfunctions.

Predictive Maintenance

Optimization of production and business processes on the basis of the machine and plant data obtained and implementation of predictive maintenance.

Asset Tracking

Live positioning via GPS of forklifts and industrial trucks with integrated anti-theft protection.

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